Is this a good deal for a 5850 and is this site trustworthy?

I just recently came into some more money than I expected so I was gonna get this

is Visiontek a good brand?
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  1. If you can wait for another 4-6 weeks, a small price war on the higher end parts should start between camp red (ATI) and camp green (nvidia)

    That Visiontek looks like a straight reference design. Not sure about their quality control or saberPC.
  2. I'll have to put money in a savings account to make sure I don't spend it lol
  3. yeah and be ready to strike down wich card it all comes to final price cuts
    and the best deals.
  4. Metroidman said:
    I just recently came into some more money than I expected so I was gonna get this

    is Visiontek a good brand?

    You might want to check out Sapphire brand.
    It comes with a free Dirt 2 game and the visiontek doesn't come with it.
    Also if you buy either you want to download the new drivers 10.2 CCC
    Don't install the driver from the disc.

    I love my 5850 with eyeifinty. wow you won't be sorry about it
  5. Quote:
    The hottest hoax hopping around cyber space this morning is the supposed availability of the first Fermi graphics card in pre-order form. It's being 'offered' by obscure online vendor, which has the XFX GTX 480 graphics card listed for $679.99, a veritable 'bargain' compared to its original price of $699.99.

  6. Is taking pre-orders really a "hoax"?
    $280 for an HD5850 is pretty good deal. I would call first to make sure they really are in stock and when they would ship it if you bought it.
    The first Fermi cards will supposedly be at least $200 more than that card so if there are any price drops on the HD5850/70 I wouldn't be surprised if they are rather small.
  7. Well a few days ago it was out of stock and now they're back in stock. I was checking. I'm just unsure on Visiontek
  8. I dunno much about them, but I don't remember seeing any complaints particularly and the reviews for the card look pretty decent on newegg for whatever that's worth;
  9. jyjjy said:
    Is taking pre-orders really a "hoax"?

    It is if you have no idea how many your store will be allocated, when they will be delivered (if ever) and you just make up a number as the price.
  10. Do not buy from SabrePC, epic fail if you do,do a little research!
  11. The board is a reference board so it's exactly the same as every other 5850 reference board. Only in the comming weeks will you begin to see 5850s on custom PCBs other than the Sapphire Toxic. The only difference between reference 5850s is the customer service you get with it.

    Visiontek is O.k. Not the best, or the worst. I usually see some of their boards at CompUSA, Best Buy, and even use to see them at circuit city back when it was still running. I use to consider Visiontek a good brand, but they have declined a little and I simply consider them average.
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