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ok, so im looking into buying a 1 Tb storage drive to go along with my 50 gig ocz vertex 2 ssd. my mobo does support sata 6 (not that hdd's even need it) but it does. the obvious choice would be the F3, but i found this new one:

its a dual 500 gig platter hdd. i cant really find any reviews of it against the f3, but by the specs, i think it may beat it. 64 mb cache, a lot of WD technologies, WD reliability (im no WD fanboy, but come on, WD makes some seriously reliable hdd's, samsung hasnt proven itself as much.) sata 6 probs wont be a factor, but i suppose that counts as a plus. it is 10$ more, but i dont really care, and it has a 10$ promo code anyway lol. anybody know anything about this? looks like a decent alternative.
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  1. The samsung F3 is still a little faster but not by much. I dont think the extra 32MB of cache makes much of a difference.

    I would still get this.
  2. yeah, i figured it would be a bit faster, but a benchmark would be cool. also, as they are basically same price, i was wondering if WD is a safer/cooler/, as it is for storage, and both of them are obviously very fast, so speed isnt a terribly big part past where they both are now.
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    I couldnt find an exact benchmark for that model but I did find a benchmark for this WD.

    Western Digital RE4 WD2003FYYS 64MB cache $299.99

    The Samsung F3 beats this drive so I would assume it would beat the drive you are questioning about 6.0Gb/s makes no difference on conventional drives.,1010.html

    Passmark also places it ranked at 138 while the Samsung F3 is ranked 113.
  4. hmmmm, idk, that doesnt seem like too big of a lead...
  5. thats kinda what im thinking. i currently have a WD 640 black, and has ran beautifully, and all my WD have run very well and long, so that looks like a pretty good alternative. however, this is also about in general, is that drive in the realm of the F3 and 7200.12.
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