Weeding out an issue with random game/PC crashes

Hey guys, new member here!

So I recently OC'd my system to what seemed to be a stable 4.5ghz, CPU temps never hit any higher than 75deg C, ran Prime95 for 30mins no issues. Over the past few days, I've had my games randomly crash on me (usually between loading levels) but I can still get to Windows fine, a few times my system did shut off, no BSOD's though.

I then decided to run a series of stress tests; Prime95, Memburn, ATTO, Furmark, etc, no issues and passed with flying colors on these tests. I uninstalled EVGA precision X which I was using for a very very mild GPU overclock, but that didn't change anything. I ended up setting everything back to stock speeds, ran BlackOps2 for an hour, no crashing (so far).

My system specs:
-Intel Core i5 3570K @ 4.5ghz, 1.260volts
-Noctua NH-D14
-Antec Truepower 750
-16gb Patriot DDR3 2133
-EVGA Geforce 580GTX
-240gb OCZ Agility 3 (latest firmware)
-MSI Z77A GD-55

My theories:
1. PSU not sufficient to support OC'ing my CPU from 3.4ghz to 4.5ghz, or I need to bump up the voltage a tad in the BIOS.
-the only issue is wouldn't my system always turn completely off or BSOD?

2. Video card might be coincidentally going bad
-wouldn't this trigger constant issues even at stock speeds?

Your input is hugely appreciated!
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  1. how long did you run those tests. 30 mins for prime95 isnt enough.

    i just ran mine for 8 hours then it bsod.

    continue testing not oc'd, see where that gets you. my games crashing experience, led me to my gpu oc was unstable. It passed uningine, furmark, and others. when i ran skyrim, it would crash.
  2. Honestly, never longer than 30-40mins or so. I'll definitely be running stock for the remainder of the week, revisit this OC'ing on the weekend.
  3. It sounds like a load-line calibration issue, since it happens between loads. Try upping your idle voltage.
  4. I've looked for that option in my BIOS and I think it might be under a different name because I can't find where to set the LLC in the BIOS. I've gone through that manual several times and some of the options appear to possibly be what I'm looking for, but I'm not entirely sure.

    Mobo is a MSI Z77A GD55
  5. According to what I've found online, LLC=Vdroop control, which it seems I need to be setting to low.

    Aside from that, my PC has been running rock solid now that she's back at stock speeds. I'll revisit OC'ing this weekend.
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