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i recently bought a new motherboard - asus m4a785d-m pro as an upgrade from an xfx 8300 motherboard. On my old xfx 8300 motherboard i could overclock the phenom ii 720 to 3.2ghz on stock voltage without any stability issues, i overclocked using multiplier only. The voltage on the xfx 8300 was 1.35 and the HT Link Speed was 1000mhz. With the asus board the default voltage is 1.325 and the HT Link is 2000mhz. On both motherboards the Bios is updated to the latest version. On my asus motherboard the cooling is adequate getting 36 degrees idle and no more than 44 degrees load in my cooler master elite 342 matx case believe it or not. Using a cooler master tx3 cpu cooler, and also using hardware monitor to read temperatures of "TMPIN0" rather than core temperatures that read much less. My problem is that i can't seem to get a stable overclock of 3.2ghz on my asus motherbaord using default voltage. Or even putting the voltage up to 1.33. i am able to play games with 3ghz clock, but i have run a stability test on amd overdrive and it has given me some errors, although my games have never crashed on that clock. I have also used OCCT to test cpu stability, also get errors to, although actually not on 3ghz just on 3.2ghz. Should i try putting the voltage up to 1.35 although when i increased the voltage to 1.33 i got errors anyway. Suspicions are; looking at cpu cooler is slightly to the side of the cpu, i cannot put this completely in the centre of the cpu because of clip position. But my temperatures are fine though, at stock clock and with overclocks and overvoltages. Second is that the voltage needs to be edited. Perhaps i need Cmos reset, although it already happened when i updated the bios, and times after loading optimal defaults. What about chipset driver installation? Suprisingly this motherboard i don't think even has chipset drivers i mean when i installed them it was just ati catalyst, and that implies for graphics. Nothing for sm bus or anything else like that apart fro mthe gigabit ethernet. Looking at device manager everything looks great.
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  1. maximum fully stable overclock seems to be 2900mhz, as in getting no errors in stability check, 3ghz never crashes or freezes though, neither does 3.2, it just exits my game after 2 minutes but windows still runs. Perhaps a certain voltage edit is needed. Another thing to note is that at 3.1ghz and 3.2ghz i get disturbance in images and artifacts. Mozilla firefox keeps crashing as well and images keep changing shape and colour.
  2. I might suggest removing all traces of your existing AOD software, the new board uses a later version for compatibilty with the newer chipset. Use taskmanager after the uninstall to make sure there isn't any early versions of AOD left. I believe there is usually one visible, then get the newer version 3.1 ? and try that. Also suggest you check new bios for items to turn off like C1E, coolnquiet etc. that may need to be disable for the overclock.
  3. o right c1e, i didn't know what that was, it's enabled though so i should turn it off then. I have only used amd over drive the latest version. I have managed to overclock the cpu to 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3. Found out they need voltage requirements starting from 3.1ghz. After some testing and trial and error i have got successful voltages working for all 3 clocks. It's odd since the phenom ii 720 should overclock to 3.2ghz on stock voltage, i mean if my old board did it then so should this one.
  4. actually no, c1e was disabled anyway. But what is the "secure virtual machine mode" for, enabling and disabling this hasn't effected my computer in anyway. Also what is cpu prefetching, both of these modes are enabled, tell me what i should do with them.
  5. Increase the cpu voltage, you already said your old board gave a default of 1.35V and this one gives less. Higher clock speeds require more voltage, and voltage can differ between boards even when set the same in the bios.
  6. yeah i need 1.34375volts lmao exactly for a clock of 3.2ghz on this asus board. If i put it up to 1.350000v, the computer actually crashes eventually after sometime, i mean blue screan error. THis board is much better anyway, since i get AMD overdrive, much better than nvidia control panel piece of junk, voltage options weren't available anyway lol. I get 2000 HT link as well and an easier core unlocker. Which i have successfully unlocked all cores, but put it back to 3 core again because i don't need 4 cores.
  7. wait! some realy weird stuff is going on with overclocking business. I don't usually run a test for more than an hour, plus i play games for about 3 hours. On 1.34375 volts i was sure that it was the correct voltage for 3.2ghz, but then recently COD 4 has been quitting and then i did a cpu stability test again on AMD OverDrive and received failures on FPU tests, but no crashes. But the 3.2ghz doesn't work on the 1.35 voltage, i am now trying 1.36, currently through 40 minutes of the test and no errors. It's odd, because usally if the voltage for the clock is wrong, in the first 3 minutes the system crashes or comes up wtih errors. The cpu will not work on any voltage under 1.34 volts, so that leaves me to find voltages above 1.35 to see if they work for 3.2ghz. At least i'm not getting any temperature problems and this is in a Cooler Master Elite 342 matx case too, but sounds ridiculous lol - i'm having problems trying to get a taken for granted 3.2ghz overclock.
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