I know that the SSD have faster loading times, but is that all they can do better than the HDD? Whats your personal opinion? Is the SSD really worth the extra money and get little space?
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  1. From my knowledge SSD's transmit data faster and are a lot better shock durable as no moving parts and you don't have to worry about high altitudes with SSDs. So anything you can imagine that would use the speed of data being sent back and forth faster would be ur advantage. It's not just loading times. You can save files faster.

    For my use of a computer no a SSD is not worth it but I'd love it just for the fast OS boot and for faster app loading. I really don't need it for much so I'm waiting out. Also I just want an excuse to open my computer to add new parts.
  2. SSDs are an order of magnitude faster than HDDs and are excellent for boot/application drives. It is an upgrade that will definitely make your computer feel much quicker but this comes at a much higher cost per gig. There is also no need to defrag an SSD. If you need a lot of file storage I would recommend supplementing an SSD with an HDD which offers better price/GB for mass storage.
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