Water Cooling Benchs

My friend have a Cooler master seidon 120MM
A10 5800k Overclock to 4.2 Ghz run at 30's C at IDE
I know that the cooler master seidon 120mm compares to the H80

But how does it do with the new corsair series/Thermaltake/Nzxt {I heard that the new nzxt beats the H100}/Zalman/Antec

Anyone knows whats the best for the prices?

Will be helpful or anyone know a website to benchmark water cooling?
Been trying to search for one over a hour now

Please reply back to me
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  1. Look up reviews on the individual coolers, they will often compare them to similar products in the temperature tests.
    If not, by looking at enough of them you can get a general idea where everything stacks up.

    Best for the price, air cooling. A Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO will perform just as well as a H60 for half the price. Or get a Noctua NH-D14, which will outperform a H100i for about $30 less.
    Or spend a bit more money for an XSPC Raystorm kit, will leave a H100i in the dust for about $20 more.
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