Plz Plz help me buying a motherboard !! am totally confused !!

Hi guys,

Am welling to build a new PC ..but am confused what mobo to get ..

I need a good one that works fine with my components (am not into the over clocking issues)
am not going to use SLI

The only choices i have in my area is the fallowing brands:


This is what am going to have :

1. Thermaltake case :Element G

2. Intel Core I7 950
3. Power supply between 600 and 750 watt (Most probably 750)
4.Memory 4 GB DDR3 (IF possible advise speed) most probably 1333
5.Hard Disk WD Caviar Black (1 TB, SATA 3 Gb/s, 32 MB Cache, 7200 RPM) Already have
6.Sound Card : PCI Express Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Champion Series Already Have

7. VGA card :The most important Item I care about already have
EVGA GeForce GTX 480 SuperClocked

Plz advise which motherboard to get (Price less than $250)

Plz if possible advise one for each brand and which one is the best of the 3 brands.

Thanking you in advance..
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  1. hell_storm2004 said:

    Thanks a lot for your reply,

    What is the equivalent for Asus motherboards (what you advise for ASUS motherboards)

    -- They advised me for the core I7 950 to get Intel® X58 chipset ..altough i dont know the difference between X58 and P55

    what do you think?

    thanking you in advance
  2. This asus mobo gets good ratings and has ram in combo...

    I don't know much about Intel, I use AMD but after reading the reviews on this board, it looks like what u need...

    As for Gigabyte, the board hell_storm2004 advised looks good.

    And for EVGA

    Both of these got good ratings.

    As for "The Best" board, that would depend on personal preferences like overclockability, ease of install, etc.
    Good Luck on your new build, I'm doing another build for X-mas also!!
    Happy Building from the Cpt. Chaos team!!
  3. for a core i7 9xx build wouldnt you be wanting to take full grasp of triple channel RAM? (3x2 gb sticks) Seeing that you only want 4gb ram (2x2 - dual channel) and you dont want to go >3x crossfire/sli why not get a i7 870 1156 socket cpu and a "high end" 1156 motherboard like the eVGA p55 FTW.. you wouldnt see any difference between the cpus, your ram would run at dual channel and youd end up with a great motherboard.
  4. What's wrong with me!! I have a P55 board advise with an X58 chip!

    @OP: I'm terribly sorry! Hope you didn't order!!

    For the motherboard, i say:


    Really sorry about the above links!
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