Need a HS+F to replace my stock

I have a 3570k 3.4-3.8 turbo CPU w/ Stock fan. I would like to try OC'ing to at least 4.2 and maybe a max to 4.5ghz. Right now the most important things i am looking for are the following:

(most important at top)
1) Good CPU cooler
2) Able to use it for my next build
3) Good deal
4) Will look good in my Rosewill Challanger case. I don't know why but for some reason I have vanity for a case I only spent $30 on.

I have been looking at the following coolers:
1) Hyper 212 Plus ($20 after rebate, looks alright, and seems to be very well recommended. I do wonder about scalability for my next build.
2) ETS-T40 ($35 for no frills version or $50 for pretty light display version. Has some awesome reviews)
3) Zalman CNPS9900 Max (Most expensive $53 after rebate, will look god in the case, and looks like it has a nice light. Though it is the most $$ up front, can't replace fan if it goes, can't add second fan. On the other hand it won't take up a good portion of my case. Biggest fan, though can't add second fan like other two.

What do you guys think? I have seen mostly awesome reviews of all the coolers, though a few bad ones as well.

Thanks in advance,


Edit: Note silence is one of the least important things to me as I have an office. I also wear insulted headphones when I game.
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  1. Saw a great deal on Newegg for a COOLER MASTER Seidon 120M for $50 after rebate. Not many reviews on it, but it seemed to be in my budget and do decent cooling. Not to mention the "geek" factor.
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