DualHead2Go 2xLCD+46'LCD?

I would like to have a dual lcds for my rig BUT at the same time watch movies from my pc on my big LCD. Will this setup work?-meaning use dualhead for both monitors in one of my DVI output slots and than the big lcd let it use the other DVI output??


Thank you in advance,
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  1. Yea you could do that, or just get a eyefinity 5xxx series card and use a display port - vga adapter
  2. what if :

    One DVI output i would use for lcd and the second i would buy dvi splitter and connect second lcd and 46'tv-what you guys think about that?-would it work?
  3. use the dvi splitter for the two lcds, and seperate one for tv


    burn some calories and change around the cables from lcd to tv when you need what :D
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