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  1. Your combo is now sold out :(

    It is a good starter build but has it's flaws...IMO

    AM2+ with on DDR3 support (AM3/DDR3 should be considered for new builds), decent hard drive but not the 500GB/1TB versions, which are based off of 500GB platters making them faster.
  2. i know,2 flaw

    Hard drive and Ram

    thats why im asking should buy it or not?
  3. What is your budget or uses??? If it is for general office type activities, it is a good deal and would buy. If for a gaming / higher level build with a higher budget, I won't puchase.
  4. just for the internet and stuff,light gaming (no not crysis)
  5. Starting on the el cheapo end we have.....@ $563AR

    Up to 1680 x 1050 mid/high depending on game
  6. i dont have that kind of money right now....
  7. max budget? need OS?
  8. i cant build anything cept the one i posted and no os
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