USB Flash Drive: Works on home pc but not at work

When I copy files to my flashdrive on my home pc they show up in the flashdrive folder and I can open them from the flashdrive at home too. When I get to the office computer and plug in my flashdrive, the flashdrive folder shows that it has no files on it. I tried buying a new flashdrive and the exact same thing happened. Is it my computer or the work computer?? The flashdrives used to work at both locations.
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  1. It is likely a permissions issue with USB drives that is determined by your office IT security policy.

    In my office, we restrict the use of USB drives to minimize the threat os malware being introduced into our network.

    Check with your IT guys.

    Good luck!
  2. did you "remove the flashdrive safely"? i don't know if is actually true, but i've heard files could be missing if you just pull your flash drive out.
  3. Yes, removed it safely and still happens...
  4. The It department may have disabled your ability to see the contents of a flash drive. Although I don't know the way they have done this (there are several ways) you could try this registry edit. Simply copy the text below to notepad, change the "e:" to the letter of your USB drive, and save as Fix.ref. Then double click on the file fix.ref and import to the registry.

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


    If the above does not work then no harm will have been done and you could try the system policy editor.
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