GTX 285 1GB SLI with 2GB version

I'm currently rocking an EVGA GTX 285 1GB, had it over a year now. My hope is that when Fermi comes out and prices settle that the 285 price will go down a fair bit. That way I can stomach buying a 2nd card to complete my system for now (yea yea who cares about dx11 right?). The kicker is I have a free 100 bucks on EVGA's site atm but they've been out of normal GTX 285's for a long time now, although newegg seems to keep getting them in stock...

ok now that thats explained here's the question would it hurt anything if I ended up buying the 2GB version of the 285 instead? If EVGA gets a 1GB in stock on their site ever I'd buy that but it seems like the only 285's they have been keeping in stock for themselves lately have been the 2GB boards. I've read elsewhere that the 2GB card would only read as a 1GB card when SLI was enabled but have yet to confirm that 100%. Other than that would there be any drawbacks? I'd love to pick up my 2nd card using my free 100 bucks and my options are limited by EVGA's crappy personal stock. Anyways anyone with personal experience with this let me know!
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    The 2GB card would only be able to use the same amount of it's memory as the 1GB card because they both have to hold the same information at the same time, does that make any sense to you? It's the simplest and quickest way I can think of explaining it.
  2. yeap figured that was why
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