Help Me Get My Ram To 1066 From 800

Hey guys I just recently built a new budget system, at the moment I am using a x4 970 -(Oc'd to 3850 mhz)
and 6 gigs of dd2 Ram.

In Amd OverDrive it is showing I have 6 gigs of ram installed running at 406 mhz.

I am using 2-2x gb sticks in the first two dimms=

In the next dimm I am using 1x 2gb kingston hyperx ram=

My current system configuration on my Asus m4a77d =

Are all set to auto. There is like 15 settings for memory for my asus board in the bios and I have no idea how to overclock or get it going, all I know is the 4 numbers I need to change is CAS latency - TRCD- TRP - TRAS but I don't want to damage my system just randomly changing numbers, can anyone tell me values to set in my bios to achieve 1066 mhz?
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  1. You can try changing the memory setting to manual in the bios, and use 533 or 1066, depending on your bios options. But you are trying to run only 3 of the 4 slots, so don't be surprised if you have some stability issues.
  2. Chaning the 400 to 533 without changing any of the other options from auto blue screens before windows starts. I also have another 2g stick I can put in the 4th dimm, here is a link to that ram I could put in the 4th slot
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