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External GPU through mini PCI-e or ExpressCard slot

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
March 6, 2010 4:20:22 AM

External GPU for laptop... This thing makes sense if CPU-GPU memory transfer is minimal, which is true for those who use GPU for computation while leaving the CPU completely idle... and it makes a lot more sense if you have only a laptop which has no cuda-capable graphic card and are as broke as I am so another desktop would be unaffordable...

My laptop has one ExpressCard 54 slot and two mini PCI-e slots. Any idea how to connect a pci-e x16 NVidia GTX 275 to those x1 slots?

Actually I found a lane converter that converts pci-e x16 input to a pci-e x1 output. It's here: [...] -1648.html
But I'm not sure if that converter fits my mini pci-e slot or not... Of course I'd need some extension cable since that thing couldn't possibly be crammed into my laptop, but the thing I'm worried about is: Would the GTX 275 be able to work with a single lane? Would that pci-e x1 output be compatible with the mini pci-e standard?

I'm also looking for some adapter that could take in the pci-e 16x GTX 275 card and connect to the ExpressCard 54 slot. That way I wouldn't have to open the back lid to access the mini pci-e slots. Do you guys know of any of such adapters?

any help would be greatly appreciated! And I guess if there's a good(cheap) solution to this, a lot more people would jump up from their seats and scream in excitement... :D 
March 16, 2010 11:34:05 PM

You would be slowing the GPU down so much that it would be completely pointless...

I've looked into external GPU solutions and it's a dead end man. Get an Alienware laptop instead.
April 12, 2011 5:38:48 AM

all of what you are saying is posible but you have to build it yourself i'd start with if your still intrested... -metheit
ps alienware is overpriced go with a antec custom