Xps 420 connecting a 5770

i want to upgrade my dell xps 420 with probably a 5770 or similar card, but im confused on how to install it, it needs 1 6 pin power connector.

here is a picture INSIDE of an xps 420


now where the graphics card is, where the heck does my 6 pin power cord come from / if i use the one that comes with the card, Where do i plug it in??? ( the molex part)

if anyone could use the picture i've linked as a refference.. much appreciated

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  1. See where that red cellophane like thing is? Well thats the current gfx card, youll have to take that out.
    The 6 pin, most companies will include a molex to 6 pin adapter so you can use that if the PSU doesnt have one...
  2. im aware of what the card looks like. what i dont know is WHERE the molex part of the power cable gets plugged into ??

    since i dont see a 6pin coming from the psu...
  3. If theres no 6 pin then there should be something that looks like this
    Which you can use with a adapter for a 6 pin
  4. that explains that, ty.
  5. Don't forget to look for a 6 pin from the PSU first. XPS is dells gaming line, so you might have one.
  6. Even if the cooler on that thing looks like its a... 4650 or something... cNet says its a 3450... gaming line... cough... xD

    edit or a 8600gt
  7. First, it is the 4xx, don't expect miracles. Second, just because Cnet got one with a 3450 doesn't mean they all came with one.
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