I am hesitating a lot between an AT5ION-I and an AT3ION-I.

- Atom D525 slightly faster than the Atom N330?
- FSB speed 667 Mhz, AT3ION-I has a 533 Mhz FSB.
- ION2 chip should definitely be okay for Blu Ray decoding and 1080p video.
- PCIe 1x slot. Apparently it is a 4x form factor running at 1x speed. That's very, very sad.

- I imagine the ION1 chip can also decode 1080p Blu Ray video in realtime, just fine? Not sure here, do you guys know?
- This board has a real PCIe 16x slot, at full speed. Nice if I want to add a fast video card.
- This board probably generates less heat than the AT5ION-I - my guess. I have seen a review of the AT3 saying the temps are fine (doesn't go beyond 40°C, with no CPU or case fan).

I definitely do not want to add a fan to my PC, which needs to be fanless.

The N330 processor has a TDP of 8W, vs. 13W for the D525. SUPPOSEDLY, the D525 is more power efficient. How's that??

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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forums! :)

    Why either?? Why Intel Atom? My vote AT5IONT-I.

    AT3IONT-I ->
    AT5IONT-I ->

    Why 'fanless'? Ultra quite fans; breathing makes more noise -> Scythe S-FLEX SFF21D {8.7 dBA / 33.5 CFM} -
  2. I appreciate your suggestion for a very quiet fan, but for now, please assume I absolutely do want a fanless, as well as a low power consumption system. Please let's not enter this debate Core i3 vs ATOM, fan vs no fan - please ;)

    Can you tell me more about your choice for the AT5IONT-I?

  3. Choice reason #1 {AT5IONT-I} = Dedicated video memory 512 MB

    Those rigs have a very small niche, and EVERY fan-less arrangement on paper ends up needing a fan as you've see before. All too often I have to shatter the 'illusion' of what people 'think' vs 'reality.' If that makes me the oger then so be it.

    I would guess this to be a 'media' HTPC rig in a small case, but as you've seen from the post they don't require scrawny CPUs. My concern is longevity and purposed use. You don't want your PS3 providing better frame rates with Nextflix or a BR-DVD outperforming other Apps.
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