Is a single 120mm rad enough for a cpu (2500k) only water loop

Hello, im hoping for some advice regarding my first watercooling loop. I am planning on just cooling my cpu and was wondering if a single 120mm rad in push pull would be enough for a 4.5ghz overclock. Im aware that a 240 rad will be far superior and that it will allow for more expansion options in the future, however my case is small and a 120mm rad is going to make things to difficult. Im not bothered about having the lowest temps possible, just better than my hyper 212+ would be acceptable. Would appreciate any feedback!
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  1. Sorry, I meant to say that a 240mm rad is going to make things difficult!
  2. Depends...a thick 120 will do well if you aren't planning any serious overclocking, but really depends on what components you are looking at or if this is a closed loop cooler.
  3. Its gonna be a custom loop, I was gonna go with an rx120 xspc possibly. I bought an xspc raystorm rx240 kit but am changing than. Im thinking of getting a aquabox proffesional single bay res but not sure what pump to get yet!

    What im wondering is whether a single 120mm rad with a custom loop is equal or better than something like a corsair h60i.
  4. A custom 120 loop will be better than an H60/H80 simply because you'll have a much better pump. However, the radiator size ultimately determines the performance, so the custom loop will only perform marginally better and you'll end up paying a lot more for the loop than the CLC option.
  5. Yeah I kinda guessed that, and I know it wont work as well as a 240. But Im thinking its a first go at watercooling and its as much for looks as any thing elase. The bitfenix survivor case i got just wont fit a 240
  6. I'd be surprised if you couldn't replace one of the 200mm fans (like the top one) with 2x120mm fans + a 240 rad, or mount the rad on top. It does have the WC cutouts.
  7. Yes your right but I cant bear the thought of having rad outside, and if inside everything else gets too tight!
  8. If your willing to remove the front 3.5" drive bays, you could mount the radiator there.
  9. You could buy a 200mm radiator?
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