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Im in the Uk and no doubt price translations may be awkward but here is my situation. Im leaving my old system to my little brother a dualcore 3800+generic psu 2x6600gt's 2X500gb ide drives and a 200gb sata on a gigabyte ga board. Im lookin to build a system round a core i5 750, primarily because of the bang for buck reviews. Now I reckon (without being too much of an Indian giver) sorry if thats not PC I cant keep up, I can take the sata 200gb and a 500gb ide back without too much hassle. The rest I want upgraded. My budget is £500 and primary use is for graphics, 3D apps etc. I had hoped to get a 5770 card without going to cheap 800 ddr2 ram but have looked at all combinations and just cant quite get there. There are a few 19" crt monitors here but would need a tower and non generic psu, the latter 2 are really adding the extra money making it difficult. Any suggestions. I even tried building round a 965 phenom, same problems. Thanks.
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  1. Sorry just read all the rules about build advice and broke most of them.
    Just to add 4GB ram is minimum requirement with graphic intensive apps. In fact would prefer 6gb but impossible on a £500 budget. The 5770 card is chosen also as a good bang for buck card read from umpteen review sites TomsHardware included, and obviously its dx11 capability. Im trying to build a system that wont need upgraded within a couple of years. Theonly other peripherals i may have to buy is a mouse for gaming, I use my graphics tablet not just for 3D and the like but general windows tasks.
  2. you gonna have to find a few quid somewhere best i can do comes to £556 around an amd 955
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