Could be a bad GPU? Please help!

Hey Guys,

My new system was running fine for about 3 weeks until today. What i have noticed happening today was when i boot the system my fans on my graphics card are sounding like a jet engine probably running at 100 percent fan speed. I can hear my computer boot into the OS system fine through my computer speakers just that i get no display on the monitor. I have noticed there is a red light on my gpu that is on, but not sure if that has always been there or not and i can't seem to find anywhere of what that indicates(besides that something might be wrong?) Another thing i noticed is that after a few attempts at starting up my system, sometimes there will be a lag between the gpu fans and psu fans turning on and other times it would turn on right away. Im confused to what this could be. I have never overclocked anything and the temps for my gpu usually stayed in the mid to high 40's from the times i monitored it. Is this defitnatly the gpu and is there any fix for it or am i left to my only option which is to RMA (which i hear can take months for the ati 5970) someone please help! :cry:

mobo: ASUS P6X58D Premium
CPU: I7 920
GPU: Diamond ATI HD 5970
RAM: Mushkin Enhanced Redline 6GB
HD: SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 1TB
HD: intel SSD 80g
OS: win 7 64
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  1. If you can, test it in another system before you RMA.
  2. agree, try your card on different computer to make sure whether it broke or not...
  3. thanks, ill try finding access to another system i can test the video card on (this might take me a while to find another system tho cause i dont have any others available around me).. I did notice something else.. upon trying to do some more trouble shooting today i noticed that the cpu fan doesn't turn on anymore... and sometimes the video card fan won't turn on either (still with the red light on tho). The red light on the motherboard that indicates something could be wrong with my ram now also stays on, but all the fans and leds on my case are still runing (antec 1200) Im starting to think this could be my PSU? what do you guys think?
  4. Well, it could be...
    Then u must test your computer with another PSU as well.
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