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Connection betweenaccess point router or cable modem and internet broken

can't connect to internet it says connection between access point router or cable modem and internet is broken
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    If you havn't already done so I would reboot everything. I don't know what you have for an internet setup , if you have a modem , a router or a combo modem and router. What ever you have in the sequence of your internet connection you should unplug all cables and wall plugs , everything and turn off your computer also. Then after 30 seconds or more plug in the power to the cable modem and let it lock up with a on line status light. Then plug in your router and the cable from the modem and let that lock up. Then connect the cable from the router to the computer and turn on the computer and see if you now have internet access. This procedure is called a clod or hard reset. Of course before you do this you can go into your internet connection by opening the network and sharing center and where it says view your active networks you can try and connect or let windows try to trouble shoot the connection.
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