Overclocking Intel pentium e5800 and Asus p5g41t-m lx2

Hey so basically i want to oc my cpu for my new gpu and someone said i can get my pentium e5800 lga 775 to 3.6 on aircooling so i checked my bios and there is nothing i can change Mhz wise to overclock. So my question is that is there any simple overclocking tools for windows? also what clock can i expect to get?

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  1. if you dont have options to overclock in bios then it means you are running a pre build computer by a big company such as Dell or HP...they dont want you to overclock as that voids warranty and you can break something so its disabled....no you can't overclock in windows...there are programs but i would not recommend going that route as you are risking breaking something....if you want to overclock you have to build you own pc and have aftermarket heatsink on the processor as with overclocking you increase to voltage to make the highwer frequencies stable and with higher voltage you get mroe heat....things run too hot and the whole thing is unstable...overclocking is not a novice thing to do
  2. its a zoostorm custom built by my local pc shop and all i want is a way to oc

  3. You'll just need to take a look your MB's manual. It should outline how to overclock your processor if its designed to do so.
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