New build working great except for one thing...

First of all I wanna say thanks for all the help and advice for my current build. Put it together today and everything works great (after I figured out to connect the 2x4 12v power connector next to the CPU). Only one problem - I put in a 1TB HDD SATA and a 160GB IDE drive, they both show up in BIOS with the 1TB displayed as master and the 160GB displayed as slave. But for some reason when I go to my computer in windows 7 it only shows the 1TB drive and the other one is nowhere to be found.

It does however show up in the device manager and says it's working properly, but I can't find it for the life of me in "my computer". Im outa ideas....
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  1. My guess would be that the IDE drive doesn't have a Win 7 supported filesystem on it.
  2. So if that's the case there's no way to use it with Win7??
  3. Well you can change the filesystem but I'm not sure how. IMO the extra 160 gb isn't worth it, IDE is outdated
  4. Oh I know IDE is outdated but it was from my old PC and it had a lot of stuff I wanted.
  5. Oh I see. Try to transfer it some other way. Or else try to find guides on how to change the filesystem
  6. I got it figured out....come to find out the drive never had a drive letter assigned to it so it didn't show up in My Computer lol
  7. Haha sometimes the solution is simpler than you think :lol:
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