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Last response: in Storage
April 18, 2012 7:01:19 AM

Hi guys,this is an awesome forum! So many people helping each other ...its great! Any help here would be really appreciated.

I have a problem with a 1TB SATA Seagate drive,which it appears i have possibly lost my data...which is digitised video of my daughter since birth,all her birthdays,fun times etc...i need my data! Nooooo!
......Im heartbroken...

The story is a friend gave me a 40GB IDE drive,had heaps of movies etc which he gave to me and i could always use another drive so i connected it up.My comp found the 40GB drive and all was good...when i went to my 1 TB with all the video on it it prompted me to "the disk in the drive is not formatted" etc etc you know the drill.

I got rid of the the 40GB drive and hoped that all would return to normal with my 1TB drive, but no.I have since connected up another 2TB SATA drive,formatted it and no problems.

I went to Computer Management (Disk Management : Local) in XP, it is showing:
a healthy DISK "0" (C) System drive of 74.49 GB...its an IDE drive...this is my system drive (80GB)

Second is showing a healthy DISK "1" (D) drive of 1863 GB(my 2 TB drive)...its a SATA drive

Then it is showing DISK "2" (F) drive 74.50 GB Healthy(in blue)/857.01 Unallocated (in black) - This is my 1 TB SATA i originally had full of AVI video files of my kid.

It looks like it has been made into a partition or something? The question i have does my System (C)drive which is IDE,have any probs or conflicts with 2 SATA am i daisy chaining wrong or something? Do i have to make a slave jumper for SATA? DO you guys think my data is toast? Any suggestions?...god i hope i havent lost the video forever..

Thx for any help,appreciated :) 

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April 18, 2012 12:56:00 PM

The system should be perfectly happy with any drives connected to any ports. There have been rare instances where drives conflicted, but removing all but the trouble drive has always cured the problems that I have heard of.

First, try the drive on another machine. If that does not help, try a recovery utility such as Recuva or EASEUS Partition Recovery. If the problem is not hardware, these have a fair chance of recovering the data.

And, in the future, have at least two copies, on two different drives, of anything that is important to you. That way, if one fails, you still have the other.
April 20, 2012 12:28:32 AM

Thx Wyoming,ive tried but now my 2TB drive has went mental and needs to format,ive tried twice to format now and windows cant complete the format.Im going nuts!

Im going to wipe the system and start from scratch...ill be back

Thx for your help mate