Upgrade to ATI 5770 on medium system

Hello guys. My current system configuration is:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+ Windsor, socket AM
Leadtek NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT, 256 MB
MB: Asus M2N, Socket AM2
RAM: Geil 1GB DDR2, 667MHz
HDD Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 320GB, 7200rpm, 16MB
PSU: Sirtec 400W, ATX2.2, passive PFC

I would like to upgrade to ATI 5770 1gb and to buy another 1gb ram stick (working in dual-channel) or 2gb ram stick and then have 1gb stick + 2gb stick. Do you think that 5770 would be to powerful for this system ?

PS: I think that the MB pcie slot is v1.1

Thank you.
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  1. welcome to the forums!

    yeah it would. Anything above the 5770 would cause massive bottleneck, thus would mean buying new CPU-Board-Ram--------but u'd need more power than 400W since the card requires at least 450W - get a 600W PSU and ur futureproofing urself for new cards in the market. IF you can, get a new crosshair board+AM3 processor and get DDR3 rams but i guess its not within ur budget. It'll compliment ur move into the new GPU, and mayb aim higer such as a 5830.

    If u want to run the memory in dual channel then get 3x1GB stix which have the same bus speed (that way u have 4GB running in dual channel) or sell ur 1GB and get 2x2GB-800mhz rams

    The reason i asked for the new mobo-ram combo is cos of ur PCI-e slots being 1.1, these days u have 2.0 and soon u'll see 2.1/2.2
  2. You Dont Need A New Motherboard, But I Do Agree With The Above Poster On Your RAM, Simply Upgrade Your CPU (Id Say IF Your Motherboard Is Capable To A New Triple Or Quad-Core Athlon II Series Or Better), RAM And Power Supply With A Quality Unit Form Any Of The Following Brands; PC Power & Cooling, Thermaltake, Corsiar, OCZ Etc.

    PCI-E 2.0, 2.2, 3.0 Ect Are Just Luxuries Not Nessesities Youll Be Fine With PCI-1.0 As Long As It Is X16
  3. Thank you both for the quick response. My pcie slot is x16, the thing is that I thought that if I change only the video card and add some more ram memory it will be enough until the next full upgrade. I think that the PSU will be able to hold the new ati 5770 ... I need to know if the video card will be used in this case at it's full potential (or let's say ~85 - 90%) or shall I buy a cheaper one like 5750 ? (it's a small amount of money between this two).
  4. goin any lower than a 5770 is a complete waste of money, and u wont even notice where u spent it. IF ur moving into a new build(full upgrade) how long will that be?

    if u provide less power than wat is recommended u could risk frying ur card (or in this case starving it to death) - i saw ,in this shop i sometimes help out, this happen to a xfx 4890 - the guy used a 450W PSU and the GPU only posted once and then the whole unit was scorching hot.

    B4 this happens i suggest u buy the PSU first then look into the ram. I asked of ur new build since we need to know if the rams ur buying will move into the new rig (migrate)?
  5. Your CPU is quite weak by today's standards and is going to limit the HD5770 a good amount in a lot of games.
    Even a cheap $50 chip like an Athlon II x2 will be about twice as powerful as your current processor. If you can't increase your budget to include it you would be better off getting a $100 card like the HD4850 and the processor.
    What is the native resolution of your monitor and what version of the Asus M2N are you talking about?
  6. Lutfij said:
    IF ur moving into a new build(full upgrade) how long will that be?

    If I upgrade it now ( video + ram ), the next full one will be after 2 years I think.
    Lutfij said:
    I asked of ur new build since we need to know if the rams ur buying will move into the new rig (migrate)?

    No, I'll buy a 2gb stick at the same frequency like the one I have ( 667 mhz ) the MB supports max 800mhz.
    jyjjy said:
    What is the native resolution of your monitor and what version of the Asus M2N are you talking about?

    My monitor's native res is 1280 x 1024 (LG 19''). MB: socket AM2, Nvidia nForce 430, dual-channel, DDR2 800, PCI-E x16.

    I could invest more money in this but I thought that if I change the video + add some ram it will be enough for a while ( 2 yrs :) ). I don't really need great performance, but I want let's say to be able to play all new games ( at medium - high ), but like I said before, I want to prevent a bottleneck.

  7. That processor will definitely prevent you from playing the more CPU intensive current games smoothly.
    When I asked about the motherboard it was because there are about 2 dozen Asus boards that start with "M2N." There is one that is just M2N. Is that what you have or is there something after the M2N?
    In general with an off brand 400w PSU the best cards I would recommend would be the HD4770 or HD5750. Either will do very well at your resolution but they will be bottlenecked some by your CPU in a good number of games.
  8. jyjjy said:
    Is that what you have or is there something after the M2N?

    Yes, just M2N.
  9. Alright. Unfortunately that motherboard cannot handle one of the current AMD chips.
    It can however handle one of these;
    which would definitely help. However this processor;
    is the same price and a lot better. You would need a new motherboard to go with it however and that would be another $50ish. If you can afford it that is what I would recommend as it will also allow you to upgrade in the future, all the way up to a Phenom II x4 if you want to.
  10. running 1x2GB on one slot and a 1x1GB ram of the same frequency wont show much peformance. Either sell your ram and get 2x2GB rams of 667 or 800MHz or 4x1GB 667Mhz. Using offbrand PSU's only mean hazards - i lost most of my 1st builds parts after the PSU blew up. (audigy 2zs, ati 9550, 1GB ram DDR2) :P :sigh:

    If its a partial upgrade with your specs on limited cash then just get a 4770 but the 5770 has lower power requirements and is better. You should keep in mind that the parts you'll invest into your existing mobo (depending on your choice will allow a migratition)

    get a PSU - ram and video card - 5770. From these the PSU and the grafix card move on to the next build - hopefully

    @ jyjjy - 2 years from now - he might as well just try invest in the phenom x6 :)
  11. To the op: With your rig if your only doing LIGHT gaming, the 5770 will support you. Unfortunately all of the people here are correct in saying that you would need to upgrade to get the best possible features out of it. That being said you earlier posted that you want to keep your rig for another two years. You are doing a 4 Generation leap from the 7600 GT. (there were already the 8800s, 2XX, 3XX, and now the 4XX are soon to be launched). That being said you likely purchased your 7600 GT back in 2004 maybe 2005 at the latest. You are running on five year old technology, that is four generations behind. Just throwing in the 5770 into your rig plus upgrading it to 4GB of ram isn't going to solve your issues. If I were you, what I would do is save up for another month or two. The prices on cards should go down and you should be able to support an extra $120 for mobo/cpu combo that would still support your ram. After that you would most definitely get 2 years out of the 5770 as good gaming. Otherwise your looking to apply a temporary fix, and as we've seen here recently. The spec requirements are going up. Now most games want at least a Dual Core/ Quadcore 4GB of ram, and a GTS or 4XXX series and above. One newer game; Metro 2033 has the recommended spec's of iCore processor, 8GB of ram, Radeon 5XXX series / Nvidia 470/480. I know it may not sound like good news, but waiting a few more months if you could come up with a bit more cash would be the best bet for you to extend your gaming period for two more years, and it would be a total investment of around $250-270.
  12. Thank you guys for helping me. I think that the best thing to do is to wait for 1-2 months and buy a new MB and CPU, change the graphic card and add some ram ... I think the total will be ~650$ and keep the HDD and case.
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