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I was just wondering what people think of the flagship x6 processors from AMD and Intel.
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  1. AMD is better performance per dollar when everything is factored in.
  2. Quote:
    It really depends on the usage.

    I agree, I just wanted to know what people think of the CPUs. Personally, I think that there are very few situations where the i7 980x would be useful, those being the apps that can deal with that many cores. Video and Photo editing come to mind.
  3. I'l pass on either. I have run into stuff that wouldn't run on a Dual Core and had to revert to Single core mode to run it ( Myst 10th Anniversary Issue for one) Bethesda stuff, Oblivion and Fallout 3, will not play on an Intel Quad core for some reason. The ones I know playing them on an Intel Quad Core have reverted to Dual Core Mode to play them. Guess I'll let the 6 core stuff ride. Just my feeling that they'll probably be more trouble than they are worth at this point.
  4. Do I really need one? Not really. A dual-core is fine for what I do. Would I get one if I had the money? Yes. I would get the 1090T though. I couldn't see spending $1,000 on one part for a new system unless it was a 30" monitor.
  5. AMD's makes more sense just because of the price and it's good performance vs the 930
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