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Will the Bigwater 760 plus be enough?

Hello, I currently own a Thermaltake Big water 760Plus water cooling system, and have it connected to my cpu (i7 3770k), then to my motherboard (asus maximus v fromula). The question is if i can add to this setup an evga gtx 680 ftw 4gb with backplate, which has the hydro copper waterblock available?
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  1. i currently have the cooling system connected to my cpu, then it goes to the motherboard and back to the cooling system. I figured it out of the cooling system split it to the gpu and to the cpu from the cpu to the motherboard and last one more splitter from gpu and motherboard to cooling system, i have a little diagram i drew but dont know how to upload pics
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    Personally not a fan of any Thermaltake watercooling...most of their systems are very poor design and poor products overall.

    You might wish to read through the watercooling sticky to ensure you are accounting for the amount of thermal load you will need to account for. Just having a radiator in a loop doesn't mean it automatically can handle all levels of heat load being moved through the system.
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  4. I already own this system, and I agree it does have a poor design, how can I fix this with out having to take it off? Will it be better to get a corsair h60 for the cpu, and leave the bigwater for the graphics and motherboard? I did read the sticky file. By the way thanx for taking the time and writing such an extent file for everybody. I just have trouble putting all the info together.
  5. You could possibly replace the pump with something better which would be a large benefit. You might also ensure that you don't have aluminium making contact with anything in the loop...this would be another big thing to confirm. The newer Bigwater pumps might be 'better' than the older ones, but TT really has dug themselves a hole with their prior watercooling kits (esp. Bigwater).
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