Replaced heatsink on q6600 p6n and computer doesn't post now

Hi all,

I recently had my temperatures skyrocket in my system I've had running for 2 years. I figured the thermal grease had deteriorated and took the opportunity to upgrade my heatsink. I bought the Tuniq Tower 120 v2.

The only problem is... when I hooked everything back up, the computer wouldn't post. So I pulled everything off the case and put just the motherboard, ram, cpu, heatsink, and video card on.

The specs on my system are:

OCZ Powerstream 550w
quad core q6600
msi p6n platinum 650 sli
4x corsair xms2 1 GB stick
EVGA GeForce 8800 GT

Again, the only things that are connected are the vidoe card, 1 stick of ram, HSF, CPU, and the power switch.

The computer turns on, all the fans come on, the DVD-RW I connected to the PSU opens and closes. I connected the monitor to both DVI ports on the video card, but nothing ever comes up. Plus, when my computer was working, the RPM of the fans would initially ramp up to full speed and then go back to normal. Right now, it doesn't post and the fan speeds stay at max until I power off the computer.

I've read the guidelines to follow over at

before posting here, and went through everything twice.

I'm running out of ideas, any suggestions? Thanks ahead of time.
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  1. Look in the "Breadboarding" link. I have a paragraph in there about building and testing in stages.
  2. jsc said:
    Look in the "Breadboarding" link. I have a paragraph in there about building and testing in stages.

    Hi jsc,

    I forgot to mention it is already breadboarded, the mobo is sitting on some cardboard with only the tuniq 120 on top of the CPU and connected, the 20 + 4 power pins put in, the 8 pin CPU power pins put in, the geforce 8800 GT plugged in + pci-e power cord plugged in, and the power switch jumper set in.

    When I boot without memory, the behavior is the same, no beeps or anything. The CPU and other fans all come on, I can open and close my optical drives. No display/post though... any ideas? Thanks again
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