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Beginner W/C Loop CPU only

I'm looking into water cooling my CPU only for now just to get hang of it. I was looking at some different kits, and just wanted some ideas I'm a noob when it comes to this topic so the kits looked better to me, But if I can get a better deal buying items separately i'd be fine with that. I was looking at these kits

XSPC Raystorm 750 RX240

Swiftech H220 Expandable AIO

I figured The XSPC would be better and give me more experience with a loop. Are there any other kits that would perform better? any advice is much appreciated.
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  1. kraken x60 is the beast, if you can fit it in your case
  2. I am wanting to add the gpu into the loop later on when i'm more experienced and have the funds. I heard good things about the kraken but i think the swifttech will be a better option even in terms of not expanding.
  3. Yess! Watch this, all of it:

    Anyway, XSPC Raystorm kit is perfect for beginners who want to build a full loop. I'm planing to buy 1 rx360 but don't know which one to buy, the one with pump and reservoir combined or the one with 2 of those. It's a $100 difference! hmmmm :sweat:
  4. If you are wanting to expand the XSPC kits are a great place to start. Closed loop coolers can't really be compared to a full watercooling loop...there is a very large performance difference. Even large closed loop coolers like the H100 really only perform about as well as very good air coolers.
  5. Yeah the only AIO i was considering was the swift tech the videos at ces seem like its actually a great cooler even running three 240mm radiators, two 7970 and a 3930k oc to 4.5.
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    My best guess is that even the rs240 raystorm kit is still gonna beat the h220, I haven't seen any comparisons yet so I'll have to wait and see to be sure.

    The problem I had with that video demo was the kit was only about 5C better than the other AIO coolers with just the cpu in the loop. They never even showed the temps of the cpu and two graphics cards under any load so that last part of the video was basically useless.

    Shop around a bit through all the e-tailors in the sticky, frozencpu is about the most expensive place to buy from.
  7. It's the RX240 which is much better when compared against the RS240.
  8. I know which kit the OP was looking at, i was simply stating an option about the the H220. Which was, in my opinion even the rs240 kit would be better than the h220. I was comparing those two since they are closer in price.

    Since then I read one review but it didn't directly compare the h220 to anything, which was rather disappointing.
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