Do I need more RAM now?

Hi guys. I just purchased my 2nd 5850... it's all great but I have a slight issue now. I'm running 4GB RAM but with these two GPUs they reserve 2GB of it... so being left with only 2GB available, Windows 7 alone is taking up almost half that. At startup I have only around 850mb free and after several minutes it goes up to about 1.3gb. I feel like that's just not good. I can't even run Prime95 blend because it uses my HDD. So, do I need to buck up and get another set of RAM? I do want to I just don't know if it's needed... spending a lot on the PC already =/

Also 2 more sticks will make an issue with my heat sink. I have the Zalman CNPS10X Extreme and it's ridiculously big... it covers the first RAM slot facing back/up/down so my only option is to mount it to push air towards the front of my case if I get more RAM. I think I'll probably try switching the plug wires to make it run backwards as a pull set up but this isn't ideal... What to do?
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    Ummm.. Its the first time i've heard of crossfire using extra random access memory, and im using dual gpu's att all 3 machines here at home. So presonally i would not buy any further ram

    You maybe have alot of programs in autostart, clugging up ur system?
  2. Are you sure you installed the 64 bit OS? It sounds like what happens when you have a 32-bit OS. The GPUs don't reserve the ram, they haven their on the card (will only take more if needed). So you should have a total of 6 GB, 4 of system mem, 2 of Vram. I remember on xp 32, when i put my 1 GB video card in, i could only use 3 GB of ram. Check if its actually 64 with win + pause/break. Also, while you're at that screen see how much ram the system can use/has
  3. Thanks guys... I opened Everest and realised it said only 2GB installed. The 2GB "hardware reserved" plus 2GB in resource monitor tricked me lol. I guess this is a great example why single clip RAM slots are stupid. Should always have a clip on both sides... I took them out, cleaned off the gold inserts and put them back and now it appears to all be working fine. :)
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