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Hello,My computer crashes frequently, and overheats when downloading torrents from the internet
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  1. It may be virus protection kicking in! or even your Isp.
  2. Here are a few things to do to start off with.

    Make sure all your important data is backed up somewhere!!!!

    What Operating system are you running? Make sure that the OS is properly updated with all available service packs and security updates!

    What are the systems specification (CPU, memory, video, internet config{as in wifi or plugged into a router}, etc)

    If you could let us know what antivirus software / antispyware software you are using that would be helpful. All antivirus software is not created equal, some is absolute crapola. Same goes for antispyware untilities, some of these free ones are actual spyware/malware itself.

    1. Start by ensuring that Spyware/Malware are not a problem.
    Download the following, if you can:
    Read about each and run them. Once you have, you can post the HIjackthis LOG file here and we can look more specifically at the stuff you have running.

    2. In Taskmanager, how many processes are running? Try start>run>MSConfig. Under the startup tab uncheck anything you really don't need running at startup that is obvious. If you can't tell what something is just turn it off, you can always come back and turn it back on. Spyware/Malware are famous for turning themselves back on so use that info as means to identify potential problems. Don't know what a process is? Check it out at the process library.

    3. For temperature monitoring check out SpeedFan. If there is a sharp increase during a specific action this will register it. Then through Taskmanager you can check to see which Process is utilizing the CPU the most and from that process info it will help to narrow down the cause more accurately. There really isn't any reason for the PC to overheat from downloading. CPU cycles will be high for really high download speeds, but this shouldn't cause overheating problems.

    4. Check into the actual temperatur specification for your CPU. Just google the CPU type and max temps. HERE is a place to start, but these specs should be available on either Intel or AMD's web site as well. Use this information in conjunction with SpeedFan to gauge if your system is running too hot which may point to a faulty heatsink/fan assembly and is potentially causing your crashes. Of course it would be a good idea to ensure that the heasink/fan is seated on the CPU correctly (if you know how, reading the rest of the info on the site above is a good idea). Run SpeedFan and then start your Torrent application and start a download, what happens to the CPU temp? Is it going above the recommended max temp for your CPU?

    5. Run a bandwidth speed check, just google it and find one that offers a speed check server that is relatively close to your location (east coast /west coast etc). This will give you an idea of your overall available throughput, not really for diagnostic purposes, just for your own info.

    6. Come back here and post your findings.
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