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Yesterday I tried to uninstall a program called my privet folder. It had some problems but I uninstalled it with Revo uninstaller. Today I noticed in my system try the safely remove usb device Icon had disappeared. I went to customize the notification and the to see if it was hidden or inactive. It shows as active but the icon is replaced by a folder. I tried to do a system restore but got this error.
System Restore
System Restore is not able to protect your computer. Please restart your computer, and then run System Restore again.

I went to services.msc to make sure System Restore service was started. When I clicked start it gave me the error.

Could not start the System Restore Service service on Local Computer.

Error 1114: A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed.

I went to system properties then to system restore and clicked turn off system restore. when I clicked ok I get the error.

System Restore encountered an error trying to enable/disable one or more drives. Please restart your machine and try again.

Later I noticed that my system time had changed to military time. When I go to control panel the regional and language icon is gone.
I went to my system 32 folder and tried to open int.cpl but nothing happens.

Now my desktop background changed by itself and when I try to change it nothing happens.

I can't figure out the correlation between all these problems but they are driving me crazy.

I have Windows xp pro 32 bit.

Any help would be great.
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  1. Severe malware/virus infection. Remove the drive, attach it externally to a known clean machine, scan it with both an AV and malware scanner ( malwarebytes is highly recommended). When complete reinstall the drive and see if it helped. If not it may be time to back up data, wipe the drive, and reinstall.
  2. Thanks for your quick reply.

    I will check it for viruses. Also today I noticed the battery icon in my system try has disappeared as well. Wiping the drive would not be an option since it is a laptop from my company.
  3. If it's a company laptop then your corporate IT department should be handling this, that's their job. And, if the virus/malware infection is as bad as it's looking then reimaging is going to be the only way to fix it.
  4. We only have a regional IT guy that travels to each location. He is only here every few months. I was afraid re-installing would be the only way to fix it. Thanks for your help.
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