E8200 and 5870 bottleneck?

looking for some advice, i currently have an e8200 stock speed and a ati 4890 and i was wanting to get the 5870 but was wondering if i would have to buy a faster cpu
Any hint or tips would be great, thanks in advance

system specs

Core 2 Duo E8200 @ 2.66
Asus P5Q Turbo
4Gb DDR2 800mhz
Powercolour 4890
Thermaltake Toughpower xt 775w
Atec 1200
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  1. It will be a bottleneck at stock speed. Luckily the P5Q Turbo is a pretty good board and should have no problems overclocking the E8200. The E8200 can do 3.4ghz without breaking a sweat and can run 3.8 to 4ghz with some good cooling.
  2. ok thanks for info,
  3. If you feel neccasary to upgrade the processor dont look at anything less then a Q9550. Your E8200 which I used to have is very capable processor and overclocks really good. For most games the dual core will be plenty but there are some games that do much better with quads.
  4. what about getting a q9400 and overclocking
  5. Quote:
    Q9400 = Crap

    I don't suggest spending ANY money on any Socket 775 parts as its a dead platform

    Nah not totally I hate when people say 775 is dead yes they are not gonna be makeing them anymore but the top end of the 775 CPU's are very good CPUs a Q9550 will offer about the same as a Phenom II 955 and a Q9650 will keep up with an I5 750 for the most part. If you have a microcenter near by they have Q9550's for $179.99 or was it $189.99 but it was a pretty good price for it eithier way. Upgrading to that will give your rig a few more years of solid performance and will be cheaper then upgrading to a new platform. Any move in Intell will require DDR3 RAM and on the AMD side you would have to go with a Phenom II 955 IMO to make it worth it. So its not dead its just not being made anymore.
  6. Ehm you don't need quadcore for gaming keep your cpu
  7. I have the same CPU
    at 3.4 Its quiet decent, more OC needs good cooling (I am on stock cooler + fan)

    for a single 5870 it most probobly works fine... but pay attention to the games you might want to buy..
    example : this CPU with 9800 gt 512 struggles with GTA4 even on 1440 * 900 and 4 gigs ram
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