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Hi. I've been planning to build a water cooling loop, then I saw this:
The difference between the 2 is one has pump/res combination and the other one has separated XSPC D5 pump and reservoir. I did some research and know that the D5 can pump 1200 lph while the other one can only pump 750 lph.
First (1) thing I wanna ask is that the pump + 1 more fan (the cheaper one has only 2 fans) worth an extra $100?

If you scroll down, you see they let you choose XSPC Raystorm - Intel, XSPC Raystorm - Intel(Copper) or XSPC Raystorm - Intel(Chrome)
(2) Do Copper and Chrome perform much better? If it's not Chrome nor Copper, what else is it? And is Copper or Chrome worth extra $45?

On this one: . Scroll down and you'll see "Radiator Accessories". (3) Do these shrouds and boxes make a difference in cooling performance?

That's it. Thank you guys in advance for input :hello:
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    I have that RS360 kit, you should receive 3 fans with it. I suspect someone was lazy and copied over the the 240mm kit specs.

    The difference between the two kits is mainly the pump, but also that the more expensive one has a better radiator and comes with compression instead of barb fittings.

    1. I would say thats worth $100 in components, but dont expect $100 of more performance though. Only if you were including a GPU to the loop the performance difference between kits would be noticeable.
    2. Nope, or only marginally so. I think the copper version has a bit less restriction compared to the normal Acetal version, but it doesn't affect performance. Its just an aesthetics thing.
    3. Fan shrouds help performance by effectively removing the dead spot behind the fan motor. But again, dont expect a massive performance boost. Its really only for trying to get every last bit of performance possible.
  2. Yes, I'll add gpu block as well. Thank you sir. Best answer of the year
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