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Hey everyone,

Just recently my computer has been acting quite strange when powered up. It powers up just fine (hard drives spin, CPU fans spin, etc) but it just lingers and doesn't boot. I turned it off, waited a few seconds, then powered it back up and it does its usually one beep and boots normally.

Is my motherboard failing? It seems like it isn't going through POST. I'd like to be proactive before something catastrophic happens. :)

I have a nVidia nForce 780i motherboard.

This computer was originally built in 2008 and the only thing I've changed since then was the video card which I upgraded to a nVidia 470.

Thanks for your response/opinions!
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  1. When did you upgrade to the 470? Did you start getting boot problems at the same time?

    What kind of Power Supply do you have?
  2. stalker7d7 said:
    When did you upgrade to the 470? Did you start getting boot problems at the same time?

    What kind of Power Supply do you have?

    I've had the 470 in for almost two months now, my PSU is a Corsair 1000w
  3. Stalker7d7 started in the right place, especially since we know very little about your configuration.

    I'd remove or disable any programs you have that can adjust hardware settings (OC, etc) from within Windows. Then do a CMOS reset* followed by reloading BIOS defaults. That may fix the problem.

    If the problem persists, I'd go back and repeat the new build stress tests** (Prime95, Furmark, CPUID's Hardware Monitor to watch temps). That may expose the problem . . . or despite the size and quality of your psu, it may be a psu issue.

    * Pull plug from wall, remove battery from mobo, press the case power button a few times to discharge capacitors, wait 5 minutes, replace battery and plug, boot straight into BIOS setup. Load defaults, change only things that are absolutely necessary (if any) to allow your PC to run, and save. Boot into Windows.

    ** Run Prime95 for at least an hour, do not let core temps exceed 75C for too long. Run Furmark, do not let gpu temp exceed 95C for too long. If you abort the test for temps, try to resolve the cooling issue. If Prime95 reports a hardware issue, the problem is likely memory/settings/psu. Download the programs using links from here:

  4. Hey everyone, doing a quick follow up.

    I went and cleared my CMOS using the BIOS setup utility and restored the factory defaults. The problem with it lingering and not booting has been resolved.

    However, when booting it gives me a message saying "Floppy Drive fail" and I can either press F1 to continue or Delete to go into setup. The funny thing is I don't even have a Floppy Drive and if I press F1 it boots normally. Is there a way I can configure it to ignore that message?
  5. Yup. Go into BIOS setup and tell it you don't have a floppy - get it out of the "Boot Order" too.
  6. Done and done. All known issues have been resolved.

    Thank you all for your contributions :)
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