Games crashes on ATI HD5770 win7

hi guyz,

my current config ;

AMD X4 955 3.2Ghz


I have installed windows 7 build 7100, whenever i play COD5,GRID,BIA.....mostly game crashes and I have close through task manager or else the whole display goes blank or hori -verti lines and restarts.

Actions already taken:

1.Updated ATI DRIVERS:
2.Sound drivers
3.OS Re-installation.
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  1. have u try the older driver?
    Or the driver from the CD?
    Sometime, the latest version is not the best. :)
  2. yes i have tried the older driver first then wen it failed
    i tried with the latest driver but still got the same result!
  3. you might want to check your temperatures. download gpu-z, this will allow you to monitor your gpu temps reliably in a graphical and text form.
  4. the temp of gpu is around 46 average
    don't know if it is normal or not.
    and it is not possible 2 c the tamp while running the game ..
  5. 46' C is normal...

    have another computer?
    try your card there and see whether the problem still exist or not...
  6. i dont have another computer but will try at my friends machine ..
    today i have NFS shift and had the same problem
    hence i feel either check on other version of os ie 7 or check my hardware fr fault.
  7. i installed another version of seven build 7600 and then tried some games
    Fuel - worked fine no problems.
    Tomb Raider Underworld - Crashed
    Shift - Crashed
    Grid - Crashed
    COD5 - crashed on the new os too

    So the only option left to do is Cross-checking the hardware with a another machine....hope to do it tomorrow !!
    ...i feel these dayz hardware manufacturing companies have lowered their quality of product in competition and too low price the resp. product thus service centers have just become so important.... i'm really gettin paranoid over here!!
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