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Okay... I got every parts I need and i just need to pick the monitor my choices are between.

if needed my gpu is
HD 5770
mobo is
and my processor is phenom II x4 955

Need answers between these 2 but if u can find something better below the price, NOT HIGHER. ty need decision before tomorrow.
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    I'd get this to best match your GPU

    But since that's outta the question, get the Asus model you linked to
  2. is there a reason why? the asus model?
  3. I cant get the newegg links to work . My problem not yours ....

    a 5770 can game reasonably with a 1900 x 1080 resolution .
    Some games you will be turning detail down to keep the frame rates up

    If you are going with a 22 inch monitor then a 1650 x 1050 will give higher frame rates and very decent quality image . Id only buy a 1080p 22 inch monitor if watching hi def movies was important to you .

    The size of the monitor is not important . Only the resolution.

    Buy whichever fits your budget and has good reviews
  4. K ill stick with the asus then, but now i started to argue with my friends about the graphics card... They are about the same price after tax and shipping so..
    Which one

    Sapphire hd 5770
    Or the Msi Hd5770
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  6. My connection speed over 3g is too slow for newegg still

    but the sapphire on Tiger direct has the reference cooler . If the MSI is the same its actually an identical card and just has either saphire or msi stickers on it .
    You buy the cheapest one , or the one with the best game since the quality is identical

    Later they changed to a more open style fan and it runs cooler and quieter . Get one of those if you can
  7. For newegg, try this if your connection is slow:
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