Gigabyte or Sapphire HD 5850


I am having trouble over which card should I get, the Gigabyte HD 5850 or the Sapphire HD 5850? In my place, the Sapphire is US$ 20 more than the Gigabyte. I don't really care about the price, just the performance. Which is the better card?

Thank you very much.
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  1. Sorry for being such a newbie, but what's an XFX?
  2. Oh thanks.

    But the only choices I have are Gigabyte HD 5850 and Sapphire HD 5850, so which do I choose, with the Gigabyte $20 cheaper?

    Do they both cool the same way?
  3. do the coolers look alike?? if so they are the same cards and i would go with the cheaper one :)
  4. Ok then. Thanks.
  5. well is it worth paying 20$ more just for another brand? at least i would not. i think they have the same bundle and everything.
  6. So they are exactly the same, just with the stickers?
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    just find out who has better warranty and bundle and then decide if sapphire is worth 20$ extra.
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