Ubuntu Visual Effects on Windows ?

As the title said, is there such a thing ?

Thanks in advance
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  1. To do that, you would need a physics engine, access to the windows' offscreen frame buffer, and 3D acceleration. You would need access to Windows source code. If you use a 3rd party program to do it, performance will suffer.

    I'm not sure though. I remember Windowsblinds rendering OSX-like effects in windows.
  2. There may be some equivalents, but most of the effects are due to the Compiz window manager, and the Desktop Window Manager used in Windows Vista and 7 does not support these effects. So no, wobbly windows are out :)
  3. i mean the effects like wobbling windows in 3D cube
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    There's commercial software for Windows that can do the 3D cube, but nothing as far as I know can do the wobbly windows.
  5. ^ Echo.

    3D cube is possible. Wobbly windows is a no-go so far.
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