No boot drive found?

I apologize if this is in the wrong place.

I recently upgraded to a corsair 650w and a EVGA 550 ti in a dell XPS 410.

I got the power supply working perfectly and the computer turns on perfect but after the dell image I get this error.
It did also say Floppy drive failure but on googling it, seems to have fixed that problem.

I pressed F12 and set it to auto detect to no avail.

I can't help thinking I have some wire wrong and that is the issue. I looked up pictures and I must be missing something.
What am I doing wrong that everyone else seems to be able to do? I do feel I am very close to getting this paperweight to work since it does show the blue dell picture.

Thank you in advance for any help.
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  1. Are you sure you have the power cable from the new power supply to the hard drive?
  2. The seagate on the bottom left side, I am pretty sure that is it.

    The power supply (corsair 650w) has a lot of wires so I am slowly trying each one to see if that works.

    If there is a specific one I need to put in there I hope I find it soon. I miss gaming about now.
  3. HDD needs two cables, power from PSU and data cable from the MB.
    With Sata cables it is hard to reverase or select the wrong cable.

    You did plug in the 6 or 8 pin pci-e connector to the back of the Video card?

    it is possible that the bios got reset and the Bios setting for the HDD is incorrect, Normally should be set to AHCI. The choice between using IDE or AHCI, or SATA is dependent on what it was set to when Windows was installed. Normally this gives a "No operating system Found" error mesage.
  4. Yes a six pin is in the video card.

    In Bios it says SATA for pretty much most of them.

    would you suggest putting in the windows boot disk and seeing if that could work?
  5. Yes, putting in the windows boot disk will issolate the problem, HDD or Other. If it boots the problem is with the HDD, or the controller (ie Bios incorrect).
    If the Win Boot disk works, I'd be tempted to change the Bios to ahci, if that does not work try ide.
  6. with floppy errors you sometime miss a pin with the floppy molex or if the light on and does not turn off you put the flooppy cable pin one on backwards.
  7. I purchased a windows repair disk from Amazon since I couldn't find the original boot disk.

    Hopefully that will work, when it comes.

    If not I guess I'll be back. Thank you Chief!
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