New HD5770 card - NFS:S/Prototype performance isnt that good.


Just got my new hd5770, everything is fine, except I'm not pleased with the NFS:S performance.

I'm playing on 1280*1024, and I put all setting to max (8aa 16x...) and the fps I'm getting is 20~30, sometimes it drops to 15 and it hardly reaches 40, unless I'm not around other cars. I used FRAPS to check my FPS (WITHOUT recording)

CPU: AMD Athlon II x4 620 2.61ghz 2GB RAM DDR3 1333. -I'll upgrade to 4GB if it'll improve gaming performance.

when I start a race with 15 cars, my fps starts at 23 fps, then it's 20~30 around cars, around 40 when I'm alone/few cars.. I installed the 1.02 version and I dont think I see any difference, still 23 fps at the beginning of the race. although the game runs pretty smooth, I suppose to get way more fps.

Prototype on highest settings 4xAA runs on 30~45 average (in the city) sometimes drops to around 25 and sometimes 50. 1280*1024. Is it good for my computer and for the hd5770 itself? here is a cpu benchmark of prototype, I know that my cpu is as strong as Q6600 (for better and worse), so based on it is my card working properly?

I'm afraid my card isnt working properly, so it's pretty important for me to know...
Thanks in advance.
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  1. I thought it might be a result of cpu bottleneck, but my cpu isnt that bad at all, so I dont see why I get 20+ less fps than what I'm suppost to get from my card.
  2. I don't think it's your CPU...
    With only C2D 1.8 GHz, 2gigs memory and HD4850, i can max out NFS Shift and Prototype.
    My monitor is just 17" (1280x1024).
    I can get around 30+ fps.

    Did u try another driver? the latest? the older?
  3. The newest driver - 10.2 I think.
    I'm using windows 7 and playing on 1280*1024 like I said.

    Damn it's weird... I'm starting to think my card is'nt working like it should.
    I tried to play another track with 15 cars and at the beginning where I'm very close to the other 15 cars my fps is like 15~40 - I check fps using FRAPS without recording of course.

    How much fps are you getting at prototype? I also get 30~45 most of the time, sometimes it drops to around 27. but if you get 30+ then I think I'm suppost to get way more than what I'm actually getting.
  4. Oh and when you say you max out - are you playing NFS:S with 8xAA and 16xAF?
  5. I play NFS-S with only 4xAA and 8xAF and VSync turn off, cause above that my performance are slowing down.. :)
    I'm not constantly get 30+, sometimes, in the middle of the race it can get around 25-27.

    But for Prototype, i can get constantly around 60 (Vsync ON)...
    And yes, i use FRAPS too but without recording.

    Like i said before, try the older driver, sometimes u can get more stable with the older driver.
    Mine use 9.7 which came in the CD's box.
    And i use win7 32bit.
  6. wa1 - When you say you have 60+ fps on prototype - is 4xAA on? if so, then I'm sure something isnt working like it should.

    in NFS you said you are playing on 4xAA and 8xAF - I meant I'm getting bad fps when I'm playing on 8xAA and 16xAA - I know these are very high settings but it just doesnt make any sense that I get poor fps on 1280*1024.
  7. I think I have the answer to your question:

    One of your memory sticks is bad. I had the same problem a few years ago after upgrading several components in one of my PCs, the graphics started to slow wayyyy down. I would see if you 2x1 gb stick remove one of the sticks and see if you get an improvement. If so its probably a bad stick. Also upgrading to 4GB is the best a gamer can ever do. (Stupid 2GB memory hogging games lol)
  8. Quote:
    wa1 - When you say you have 60+ fps on prototype - is 4xAA on? if so, then I'm sure something isnt working like it should.

    in NFS you said you are playing on 4xAA and 8xAF - I meant I'm getting bad fps when I'm playing on 8xAA and 16xAA - I know these are very high settings but it just doesnt make any sense that I get poor fps on 1280*1024.

    yes, 4xAA and VSync ON i can get constantly 60fps on prototype.
    maybe u might want to try as nrnx said above, try remove one stick memory and see if there's any changes...

    Try the older version of drivers, sometimes it help... :)
  9. My computer is 3 months old. I have 1 stick of 2GB DDR3 1333mhz from KINGSTON, I cant see what it might be corrupted. I was thinking about getting another stick from the same kind from KINGSTON.

    Do you think it's the problem? or maybe it's because I'm playing with 8xAA and 16xAF, but thats also not a reason because I know I'm suppost to get more fps.

    wa1 - what do you think? you said you are playing on 4xAA and 8xAF maybe thats why your performance is good on nfs:s. Are you playing with 4xAA on Prototype and still you are getting 60+ fps? If so, that clearly something isnt working properly.
    *nvm you just commented ^^ - well, I guess something is wrong. I dont get it :/ why am I always have to get screwed?
  10. I tried playing prototype again for 5 minutes with VSYNC ON and I'm in the chapter where I have to lead the Hunters to the military base. now when I'm around them I get like 35 average FPS, and when I'm running in the city it's like 35~45 avg.
    1280*1024 res, 4xAA max settings. I dont get it... :(

    I bought my card 1 week ago and I got this version from Sapphire :

    Although I wanted to get the normal version and thats what I said in the store, I guess because it's in the same box they cant really see the difference so thats what I got. I dont know if I can change my card anymore since I've been playing on it for a week. damn I dont know.... I feel like I'm screwed.
  11. Like i said before:
    I play NFS-S with only 4xAA and 8xAF and VSync turn off, cause above that my performance are slowing down.. :)
    I'm not constantly get 30+, sometimes, in the middle of the race it can get around 25-27.

    U might want to try this:
    remove your stick of ram and install it on the other slot.

    Your mobo support dual channel of memory, right?
    So your system will run faster with 2 stick of ram running on dual channel mode...
  12. Ah that is your issue right there, you have 2GB of memory running full details AND Vsync, depending on what OS you are using, the issue could be that your eating through all your RAM. I think prototype itself uses around 800-1gb of memory while running. Just food for thought, you might try installing that second stick and seeing if the issue clears itself up.
  13. Well maybe if I decrease my AA an AF on nfs:s I'll get a similiar fps to yours, but that's not what I expect from my card - I expect more, and I know it's capable of more.

    I dont know if I'll buy a nother 2GB just to see if it'll improve specific games, and improve it drastically and make the change that I'm suppost to get.

    Look what I found out with this cpu benchmark :,2350-9.html

    Is there a chance that a better cpu will make a 30+ fps difference? then how come wa1 is getting more fps than I do?

    Ye, I think my mobo supports it. any way my mobo is ‏MA785GMT-UD2H from GIGABYTE, pretty good for a non CF mobo, right?

    One more thing, what do you think about my hd5770 model that I got? should I change it for what I asked and paid for? the normal 1st version I mean. I just hope it's not too late to change it :[

    Thank you for helping, guys. ;]
  14. Your CPU is no problem, your mobo is good, your 5770 is great. :)
    I'm more concerned about your driver or your memory...
    Can u borrow your friend's ram? make sure it has 2 sticks so it will run on dual channel, see if that help...
  15. It's hard for me to understand how another 2gb stick of RAM would make a 30 fps difference...
  16. Think of it this way, if you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7, your clocking in at around 1.13gb of physical memory usage. (I just ran that on my own only other programming running is an inactive uTorrent) Meaning of your 2gb of ram, 1.13GB are in use by Windows. You have a total of 2GB dedicated to your system. You then load up prototype which takes anywhere from 800-1gb of system memory. Add in that and you are looking at 1.83gb memory usage to 2.13gb memory usage. If it is the latter you are out of memory. You should load up prototype, then alt tab out and go to your Task Manager, check performance and see how much memory is free. If it says 100% is in use, that means your ram is bottle necking the graphics card.
  17. Whats been said about the memory is EXACTLY correct.
    As soon as your computer has to start switching data in out of memory to your page file.
    Your now wasting cpu cycles on that, the hard drive is literally thousands of times slower than system memory. There are best case scenarios, fresh installs, o/s managers that shut alot of things down when entering 'game' mode that can make 2gb work. But you don't have to worry about any of that once you get 3gb, but 4gb is ideal.
  18. Weill it could be that your 5770 is stuck in 2d clocks, which definitely would have a major performance hit. The reason i think this is because with your cpu and gpu at that resolution, you would definitely be maxing out. The most apparent fix for this imo is cleaning and reinstalling drivers. To check this out, download GPU-z and check out the speed of your gpu while your running a game (in windowed mode so it stays at 3d clocks, unless thats the problem).
  19. Well I checked using task manager and 70% memory is in use, 1.4GB in numbers...
    Do you still think it's the problem? wa1 has 2GB and he gets 60 fps on prototype, I only get it while I'm running on buildings.
  20. 1.4gb is still around 70% ram usage. Now if you have ANY applications running in the background during your normal play time this increases. I say the ram is bottle necking you. As with around 70% page file comes into play meaning that Windows is using your Hard Disk for RAM instead of your RAM. Now lets say Prototype needs more memory in some area's than others, instead of pulling that information from your ram, it pulls it from your HDD. So your then playing the game from your HDD and loading it to your HDD. If you upgrade to 4GB of ram, I am sure your memory usage will go up to around 2.3gb and 54% ram usage, then everything should run much smoother. Remember every background application that you have up adds to what memory you have left. So if you leave your browser open, have some downloads going, have AIM open, or are even downloading Windows Updates, that too takes your memory.
  21. I checked with GPU-Z, but I didnt run Prototype on windowed mode - but I could see that the clocks change to 850 and 1200 mhz if I'm remember the numbers correctly.

    If I'll upgrade to 4gb it would be at the end of the month, by then I dont think I will be able to change my card, so I think I should fine the source of the problem asap.

    judging by this benchmark,2350-9.html it's clear that prototype relies on cpu, so maybe my cpu is the problem? But even this doesnt make sense because how my cpu gives me 30+ less fps than I should get? I mean it isnt that bad, it's not bad at all.
  22. 1x2 GB sticks of memory are pretty cheap these days, also it's couldn't possibly be your processor. Is prototype the only game giving you issues? Any other games that you play give you similar problems?
  23. No your right, your cpu is actually very good. But what im not getting is why that game performs so bad... i mean 30 fps on a c2q at 1280 x 1024??? Is it just me or is that horrible performance for such a low res?
  24. That's what I thought. but take a look at this again :,2350-9.html c2q with gtx 260 which is almost the same power as my hd5770 and it gets 35 fps on 1280*1024 playing Prototype.

    what do you think?
  25. and the other game I'm having problems with is nfs:s, I get 20~30 fps sometimes even less around 15 other cars, playing on 8xAA and 16xAF - 1280*1024 maxed out.
    That is even worse than Prototype, hd5770 suppost to score even better fps on 1980*1200 res.
  26. Remember, more textures are loaded into the memory graphics/system as you play the game at higher resolutions. So yes, your memory is definitely your problem. Get an extra 2GB stick and you will see changes. I would try to run your specific problem on my machine but I don't have prototype :(
  27. Thank you.

    I have a feeling I should really change my card to the normal model I paid for, I never really wanted this new cooler design. I have this card for over a week now, tomorrow I will call the store to check if they'll change it for me.

    do you really believe another stick would make such a huge difference?
  28. What do you think a different cooler is going to do for you VS one little stick of ram(lol)
    Have you tried running 3dmark 06. Lots of people have posted scores, this might show whether your card is just outright defective or not. Right click on CCC in taskbar.
    Make sure that
    1.ati 5770
    3d settings
    standard settings
    make sure optimal performance is checked
    This will make sure that CCC is NOT applying any quality settings to impede performance.
  29. I tried to apply optimal performance, then I played nfs:s and I still had poor performance, then I changed it back to normal.
    I changed it back to optimal performance, I will download 3dmark and I'll update you tomorrow.
  30. Here is my 3dmark06 basic score :

    3DMark Score 13057
    SM 2.0 Score 5062
    SM 3.0 Score 6295
    CPU Score 3590
    Result name Untitled
    Date Mar 08, 2010 07:21 UTC
    Pro user No
    OS Windows 7
    CPU AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 620 Processor
    CPU Speed 2612 MHz
    GPU ATI Radeon HD 5770
    Memory 2048 MB
    Case Not specified
    CPU Cooler Not specified
    GPU Cooler Not specified
    Case cooler Not specified
    PSU Not specified

    And that was on 1280*1024 no AA and Optimal Filtering, I couldnt change it because it's basic edition. Honestly, I wasnt pleased with the results, there were parts where my fps dropped to 19, and the CPU tests were bugged or something because it was stuck on 0~2 FPS.
  31. ALso - Since you are using a single 2gb module your RAM is running in single channel mode which will affect performance quite a bit - your getting half the throughput per clock cycle as you should be if using 2x1gb modules combine that with the low amount of RAM you have (2GB is cutting it close on Win 7 ) which will cause your system to use the HDD cache at times and also add the fact that your CPU has no L3 cache which would usually be storing alot of the game info and all together that is probably most of your problem (not the GPU but the other system components) - Getting a 2nd 2GB stick of Ram would probably really help in your case (figure it would clear several of the issues - system would then run in dual channel mode and you would probably not use the HDD cache anymore or at least far less often )
  32. I want you guys to check this benchmark of Prototype :,2350-9.html

    Quad core running on 2.4 almost as fast as mine, with 260GTX gpu which is as strong as my hd5770+-, 1280*1024 res and the fps is close to my fps. so maybe my cpu is the source of the low fps? maybe these games rely on CPU more than GPU? Because I dont think another 2GB RAM will make that HUGE difference.
  33. That system was using more memory than you. Like we've been saying, get a second stick of ram in DC mode and it will boost you up. The CPU rendered scenes have never played well with AMD chips so thats not an issue. Go pick up an extra stick and get dual channel going, then run the test again. Your bandwidth through-put right now is very slow without it.
  34. get another 2 gigs of ram and run them on dual channel mode(2x2gig)...
    I already give u the evidence, mine only C2D 1.8 GHz can max out prototype with constantly 60 fps.
  35. Your 3dmark 06 score is low, but its low in the ballpark. Your cpu/memory 'subsystem' is not working with your gpu optimally because you just don't have enough memory.
    There are game optimizers, there is a good one I tried in the past, can't find it now in all the mish mash of shareware ones, that shuts down alot of windows desktop manager/enhancements for gaming. you can do the same thing manually by going to advanced system settings.
    advanced settings
    visual effects
    check adjust for best performance

    It frees up memory from the destop manager, most of us don't need to do these things, but your marginal.
    see if you fps go up at all in gaming?
  36. Here is an old article that discusses and explains your main problem right now - you are currently running your memory with 1 funnel when everyone else is running thiers with 2 funnels thus getting better performance !! - when you bought the RAM you should have gotten 2 1GB modules so you can use dual channel if you wanted only 2GB - never use odd numbers on system capable of running dual channel mode !!

  37. Thank you.
    My next system upgrade will be another 2GB of RAM.

    Even at counter strike 1.6 at lowest res when the nightvision is on my fps is'nt 99~100 it drops to 60~100, and when I see the bomb's explosion it also drops to 60~100.

    Maybe it's the game itself I dunno... but I'm afraid that even if I'll upgrade to 4GB of RAM I wont see any major difference in games performance. I just dont want to have false hope.
  38. Can anyone tell me why my fps on counter strike 640*480 res is'nt 100 fps static?
    most of the time its 100 but it's like 99~100 and I think causes some disturbance when I'm playing.

    also when I turn nightvision on Counter strike (1.6) my fps is'nt 100, it's like 60~90, same thing when I see the bomb's explosion.
  39. Just like all the other people said. Get 2 more gigs ram. Case closed.
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