Need help chosing parts for new build.

My uncle wants a new computer for as cheap as possible and I said I would build him one which I have done before. Only thing he needs now is the tower. I chose the parts and want feedback if I picked the right parts. Every part has a 4 or 5 star rating so they should be fine but I want to know if there is any improvements that can be made.






Hard Drive

Optical Drive

SATA Cable

Is this a good set up?
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  1. No it's horrible. Look above on the forum for the guide on posting build questions and we'll be able to help you out a lot better
  2. Not good at all. Ditch the PSU and look for Antec, corsair, pc power and cooling, silver stone, and ocz for quality PSU's. For $300 budget your going to get a pretty much crap PC.

    By the way, that psu is horrible. Don't use it whatever you do.

    He doesn't do any gaming? Here's $295 after $25 MIR.

    To be honest, that's about as cheap as its going to get... You can take out a ram stick if you want.
  3. I 2nd that build, much better.
  4. Thanks and no he doesn't do any gaming. He just needs a home pc. Thanks for the help
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