HD5870 and HD5850 prices

I'm considering whether to get a HD5870 gpu. However, the prices in the UK seem pretty high.

The best I could find was £280 for a second hand but hardly used card with all accessories. The best price for a new card was £300 including postage, from ebay.

Alternatively, I could get a HD5850. I found one of those for £195 on amazon.co.uk.

I can't help thinking the 5850 is by far the better deal...

But I had thought maybe I'd get one 5870 then later get another one to have even greater performance than a HD5970.

Any suggestions? Which should I get?

And can anyone find me a better price? Must be able to get the item delivered to the UK.
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  1. For that matter if anyone has a good price for a 5970, let me know. I'm still thinking of getting one of those. The best I found was about £500 in stock. Amazon supposedly sells them for £414 but they're out of stock.
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