Weird power down during sleep

I am very confused as to what might be going down.

I sleep my desktop. I come back, the power is off. I cannot wake it. I try to turn the power on but it wont work until I unplug the power cable, flip the power switch, plug it back in, flip the switch back and then turn it on.

My power supply might be too low, but it might be because I overclocked my CPU.

Mobo: GA-MA770t-UD3P
CPU: Amd II x3 435
PSU is included in Antec case: Antec NSK6580B Super Mid Tower Case Black 4X5.25 5X3.5INT W/ 430W Power Supply


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  1. My first answer to these is inevitably don't put it to sleep, turn it off. You probably favor compact fluorescent lights, recycling, and renewable energy . . . so turn it off.

    If, however, you are like me . . . and don't believe in those things . . . turn it off. Sleep just sucks, and when it doesn't work it usually doesn't work.

    For a real answer - if there is one - you'll have to wait for an AMD specialist to drop by.
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