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I am unable to cut and paste files/folders from one Drive to another or to another folder within the same Drive.

I get a message "Cannot copy <filename> It is being used by another person/program".

However, Copy and paste works fine.

I use the admin account. I scan the computer on regular basis. No worms/virus found.

Please help me resolve the issue.

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  1. You could look in Task Manager to see if there are any programmes or utilities open which might be using the same file or folder. If you're Admin, is there another User Account logged in at the same? The Switch User function doesn't log another user off - it remains in the background.
  2. I am facing this problem even when only one account is logged in.

    Moreover I tried "Cut and paste" with those files and folders which haven't been accessed in months. What could be other possible cause?
  3. I'm stumped. Assuming the files open alright and everything else is working properly, the system is probably protecting files from loss by being cut and pasted rather than copied and pasted.
  4. May be - one more thing I want to add that cut and paste does not work when I try do so for the 1st time and in 2nd attempt it works. Weird!
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