Push pull cpu fan with case fans

the two products I bought and my question

Thermaltake CLP0564 Frio Dual 120mm Universal CPU Cooler
Thermaltake VN300M1W2N Chaser MK-I Full Tower Gaming Case

there will be 2 - 200mill fans ontop of the case. exit fans
140mill fan in the back and 1- 200 mill in the lower front
should i run both fans on the cpu cooler ? or whats the best config for this
my guess is not push pull
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  1. just to clarify, the two 200's and the 140 are exhausting, and the 200 at the front is your intake?
    if this is so, push pull on the frio would provide the best cooling for the cpu, with the air puling from the front and pushing (wait for it) to the back
  2. i think so, but i can pull one of the 200 mill top fans off and put it on the side if i want. or just buy another. but then there is a whole lota fans
  3. Download and run RealTemp to check the temps. Use the configuration that gives you the lowest temps.
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