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I'm purchasing the HAF 932 Blue Advanced Edition in the next week or so. This is my first time setting up airflow like this so I'd like some input on the situation. The setups are as followed:

Top - 230mm 110cfm - Blowing out
Side - 230mm 110cfm - Blowing in
Front - 230mm 110cfm - Blowing in
Rear - 140mm 60cfm - Blowing out

220cfm blowing in and only 170cfm out.

My setup plan
Top - 3x 120mm COOLER MASTER R4-L2R-20AC-GP 69cfm each(207cfm total) - Blowing out
Side - 4x 120mm COOLER MASTER R4-L2R-20AC-GP 69cfm each(276cfm total) - Blowing in
Front - 230mm 110 cfm - Blowing in
Rear - H80 Corsair liquid cooler 92cfm - Blowing out

386cfm blowing in and only 299cfm blowing out, which could be a problem due to way too much positive airflow creating heat pockets in the case.

Any idea on how I can fix the situation, or is the positive air pressure not much to worry about?
Thank you for any input you can give!
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    having some positive airflow is a good thing, it stops dust intrusion to some extent.
    i dont believe that level of positive would have a negative effect either, however, if the 92cfm on the H80 is just push or pull, put into push/pull and you should be all good
  2. Sweet thanks for the quick response man :D
  3. I would change the H80 as an intake rather than exhaust. In reality the air flow is not 92cfm it has to go thru a radiator. The reason I like it as a intake is the radiator get cooler air and better efficiency. The outside air should be cooler than the air in the case. Since you have 3x120 the hot air from the radiator will be pulled out right away.
  4. I think that it might compensate through the radiator, the H60 which has a single 120mm fan is rated at 72cfm, so with the other fan helping it should boost it some, so yeah roughly 92cfm. I also forgot about the PSU, I've got a raidmax 730ss and per their tech support the exhaust is rated at 47cfm. So all in all we're up to 386cfm in and 346cfm out so all in all it's actually pretty close with that little difference in the airflow I'm not gonna sweat it. Thanks for the help :D
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