Compaq 3000 shut down and reboot issues

Hey guys and gals, I have a Compaq Preserio 3000. I was having issues with it crashing randomly and sometimes I would have to try to reboot several times brfore it would come up. It acted like it was loseing power just shuting down instantly. On the advise of someone else I set the Bios to default. Now when I try to reboot I get an error that windows system32 config system is missing or corrupt. This is a black screen. If I leve it on this screen the machine will not crash it stays on there fore eliminating power lose or over heating. Can not boot from safe mode, or best known working configuration. I have also tried to boot from Wondows CD to do a repair. It will bring up the blue screen and load necessary files but when it gets to the screen that states Windows is starting up to give me the option of pressing " R " it immediatly shuts down. Any one have a clue. Someone stated that it may be the video card overheating. I need to retrive my files at the least...funny I just purchased a back up drive and was in the middle of backing the system up when it crashed and died and of corse didn't get half of my files. Any help would be great.
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  1. in the beginning it was your PSU, but because you didn't see it and it wasn't diagnosed properly, it affected another part of the computer, right now i think it may be your mobo or ur hard drive
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