Is my new build pc dead

I had just built a new pc last night with

Processer intel i7 920
cpu cooler stock
video card sapphire hd 5870
mobo gigabyte ex58 ud 5
ram gskill i7 tri channel kit
power supply coolermaster gx650w
case cm690

i just hear crockling sounds from my motherboard so is all my stuff burnt

and yes i dont oc
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  1. More info please, what happened?

    You turned the PC on and it just crackles?
  2. Sounds like a short somewhere - and if left will fry your components. Best to strip the PC down and check every connection - and make sure that the stand offs under the mobo are all necessary, this is a common mistake that a standoff is placed where it is not required and ends up making contact with the back of the motherboard.
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