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what is the best motherboard for an Intel i5-760? I would want less features good overclocker and if possible USB 3.0 and Sata 6. please note that I am building a budget PC. so i cant afford a $300 motherboard.
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  1. Either the Gigabyte P55 UDx series or the Asus P7 series. For 1 graphics card I recommend the Gigabyte for Crossfire or Sli I recommend the Asus. There are quite a few variations of each so just look and find the one with the features you want at the price you want.
  2. should i hold up on my build and wait for the sandybridge?
  3. From what I understand Sandy Bridge while being faster than the i series will not be able to overclock unless you buy a special higher priced chip. Also at first it will be mostly for laptops. I think it is a great time to upgrade with all the great sales going on.

    What is your location/budget? I can put together a build for you.
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