Upgrade help please! (HD5770)

I am currently looking to upgrade my gpu and i've decided i really want the 5770. But I'm using a gigabyte p35-ds3l mother board so i want to know if its compatible with the pci-e 2.0 gpu since the mobo is pci-e 1.0.

system specs

PSU: 550w OCZ Fatal1ty

motherboard: gigabyte p35-ds3l

CPU: intel core 2 duo e6750 2.7 stock clock speed

gpu: xfx 8800 gts 320mb

ram: 4x1 gig dual channel ddr2

1 500 gig hard drive and a disk drive.

I am planning on upgrading my mobo, cpu, and ram in the future, but probably not until xmas 2010, so will the 5770 be compatible with my motherboard?
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    Well PCIe 2.0 is fully backwards compatible to PCIe 1.0 so yes it will work (you may have a little reduced performance though)
  2. I'm not too worried in the performance decrease since i'll be upgrading the mobo cpu and ram in the future anyways. i just want to upgrade my gpu first because thats wat i need most
  3. any other thoughts? i'd like to get some input before i purchase
  4. Yeah well pcie 2.0 cards didn't work on some very old mobos with pcie 1.0 ( like from 2005 ) On yours i'm 99% sure it will work
  5. ok i'll do some more research becase the p35 ds3l is pretty old
  6. ditto
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